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Current East Asia Tension

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I just lost connection to the latest tension in East Asia due to several reason. My last blog about the tension is about the Cheonan incident. few weeks ago, there was more serious tension when the both Korea shoot their artillery each other. the media coverage then never covered both side since media only cover according to the South Korea and U.S. prespectives.

Politicalticker just did a good coverage when the blog cited the Bill Richardson comments about the tension. Richardson maybe the only one that was invited by Kim Gye Gwan, North Korea’s chief nuclear negotiator, to negotiate the nuclear project. 

Richardson said that it was the U.S. and South Korea that made their provocation.

In my conversations with North Korean officials, they insist it’s all the fault of South Korea and the U.S. They say they are being provoked and won’t stand for it. Clearly though, they are anxious to send a message to the United States through Richardson and presumably through me and CNN as well.

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Written by Berita Demokrasi

December 18, 2010 at 8:46 am

currency war

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currency manipulation is the government’s new weapon. as BBC said, it is government’s new weapon for the battle for economic recovery. many country have tried to undervalue their currency to raise the level of competitiveness of the currency. no wonder, some expert call it “competitive devaluation

the issue now evoke intense debate among money expert. there are two main position on the debate. first, government said that currency manipulation will raise the competitiveness of certain domestic economy. second, some money expert said that such manipulation will be dangerous for the recovery battle itself. therefore, the issue will be a hot topic for the next G-20 meeting in Seoul, South Korea.

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Written by Berita Demokrasi

November 2, 2010 at 4:36 am

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