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Indonesia: The World Most Decentralized Country

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I am Indonesian and I don’t feel the advantage of being a citizen of the most decentralized country in the world. The fact, decentralization in Indonesia is also means decentralization of corruption. For your information, according to the world bank, Indonesia is currently the most decentralized country in the world. I think, this is only a imperialistic project to shape the third world.

Indonesia’s decentralization has been a "Big Bang" indeed. Regional spending rose, central civil servants were re-assigned; over 16,000 public service facilities were handed over to the regions; and a brand new intergovernmental fiscal system was put in place all of this without major disruption in government services. Over time, Indonesia becomes one of the most decentralized countries in the world and much more decentralized than would be expected on the basis of the country’s structural characteristics. This large degree of decentralization requires a sound intergovernmental fiscal system to ensure efficient service delivery, macroeconomic stability, local accountability, and an alignment of local spending with national priorities.

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Written by Berita Demokrasi

June 16, 2011 at 5:09 am

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