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Dewaruci Diplomacy

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KRI Dewaruci

Dewaruci is a legendary yacht in Indonesia. Jakarta post just said, it one the pride of the Indonesian Navy. Dewaruci has frequently journeyed around the world. the longest mission, is more than 250 days on the voyage. I think, this is a genius public diplomacy from Indonesia. it should be more empowered. someone in the Indonesia’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs should make Dewaruci as a serious strategy for public diplomacy. it maybe more intersting if Dewaruci not just represented Indonesia as maritime country, but also represent another Indonesia’s soft power.

jakarta post have a good coverage about dewaruci

The Dewa Ruci was once the pride of the Indonesian Navy, and first came to Indonesia from Germany in l953. The 56.5-meter-long warship has 16 sails covering 1,091 square meters.

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