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Sultanate Vs SBY

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wow, suddenly I found a blog article about the dispute of Yogyakarta’s special status. It is economist blog about asia view that make a good point and coverage. 

Political scientists in Jakarta and Yogyakarta say that changes are needed: Yogyakarta’s legislative council does not “run normally” because the council dares not challenge the governor (who is, after all, the king). Therefore, there are no checks and balances. Yet a monarchy has its advantages: Yogyakartans cannot be faulted for revering their grand, incorruptible king in preference to some wheeler-dealer provincial governor. Sultan Hamengkubuwono’s stature also gives him a special sovereignty in national politics: he could support the Indonesian reform movement in 1998 without fear, and in during the violent days of May of that year, when Suharto came down, he calmed protesters in Jogja, thus saving the city from the looting and burning that affected other Javanese cities. The liberal sultan, who abolished polygamy when he rose to the throne in 1998, has also expressed concern that the new parardhya institution would add to existing royal privileges by conferring immunity from prosecution.

the blog just make a good point. it is the political scientist and politician that disagree with Yogyakarta’s monarchy system. But, Yogyakarta’s citizen still give their support to the king and his dynasty.

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December 18, 2010 at 8:15 am

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