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Foggy Bottom

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I have so many time read a phrase “Foggy Bottom” but I don’t know what is it mean. You may find the phrase regularly if you concerning about U.S. foreign policy. Today, drezner’s blog post just provoked my curiousity. I googled the phrase, and wikipedia is always at the top result. It maybe the best combination, google and wikipedia. this is the wikipedia article about “foggy bottom”.

Foggy Bottom is one of the oldest late 18th and 19th-century neighborhoods in Washington, D.C. The area is thought to have received the name because its riverside location made it susceptible to concentrations of fog and industrial smoke, an atmospheric trait that did not prevent the neighborhood from becoming the original location of the United States Naval Observatory. Foggy Bottom is west of downtown Washington, in the Northwest quadrant, bounded roughly by 17th Street to the east, Rock Creek Parkway to the west, Constitution Avenue to the south, and Pennsylvania Avenue to the north.

the question, why its is closely related to U.S. Department of State? still wikipedia give the best answer.

The name Foggy Bottom often is used as a metonym (or nickname) for the United States Department of State because its Harry S Truman Building headquarters is in the neighborhood. The main campus of the George Washington University (GW) also is in Foggy Bottom, as are the Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts; Friendship Lodge Odd Fellows Hall; and the infamous Watergate complex, site of the Watergate burglaries which led to President Richard Nixon‘s resignation. GW has grown significantly over the past decades and now covers much of the neighborhood, which has many historic old homes and numerous mid-rise apartment buildings.

I searched more, and found another story about “foggy bottom”. my another question, is Indonesian Foreign Ministry have a nickname?

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