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Are Arabian Psychopath?

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Satellite image of the Middle East

I don’t know the correct word to describe the fact that thousands of Indonesian migrant worker are physically tortured in their workplace in Middle East. Mostly, Indonesian migrant workers in the Middle East are women. They usually work as housemaid. The latest data, nearly 5000 Indonesian migrant worker were experienced domestic violence that commited by Arabian. Jakarta Post just make a good coverage about the case

Anis said Migrant Care recorded 5,563 cases of the alleged abuse of migrant workers in Saudi Arabia this year to date, including 1,090 allegations of physical abuse, 3,568 complaints of poor working conditions and 898 allegations of sexual abuse and nonpayment of salary.

some of them were raped. some other were tortured till death. Sumiyati is the latest most severe victim. because of her serious injury, she has to undertake several surgical operation. Sumiyati is only one of the victims. the fact that nearly 5000 Indonesian were experienced violence in their workplace in Middle East is a serious issue. the question, are Arabian psychopath? maybe somebody have the answer

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Written by Berita Demokrasi

December 18, 2010 at 12:00 pm

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